Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wisdom Thoughts of the Master I.F.


Compiled by: Ellis Peterson

• It is impossible to understand anything on its own level. You must bet to the level above. (i.e.) to understand the emotions you must get to the mental level above.
• The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Good intentions are hell itself unless modified by knowledge.
• “Diarrhea of the Mouth & Constipation of Doing”. This is the problem of the Western World.
• For any situation either: T-E-A (transmute – eliminate – adapt).
• Alchemy turns the water of experience into the wine of Understanding.
• Purpose in life: Experiment – Experience – Express According to Cosmic Structure & Natural Order.
• It seems in our society the package, packing and the symbol is much more important than the content.
• Lack of the sense of Time, wrong use of Time, improper measure of time --- DESTROYS --- The Cosmic Process of God.
• All words are lies. Words are only tools.
• Look at what makes you boil. It is a P.P.P.
• Reasoning by coordinates is respect for limits.
• Wisdom is setting limits.
• Wisdom is skill in action.
• Wisdom is getting knowledge to function better.
• Do what you want but keep your big mouth shut.
• Get off the emotional level.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conversartion With My Master I.F.

A Mathematicians Bible
An Algebra of Life
 A Geometry of Experience

By: I.F. (Isadore Freedman)

Commentaries by: Ellis Peterson


·       The root of all our sciences, the father-mother of all our sciences; the mega-science from which all sciences are birthed; the seed-source and Infinite fountain which true math is; the bringer of order, stability, peace, security and knowledge into our life; these are only a tiny part of what math does and is.
·       Plate said “God Geometrizes”. The Greeks wrote that all worlds and universes are created thru the proper use of sound, rhythm, number and proportion. The stability of all our daily services, functions, work and recreation are assured by math. Without a sound knowledge of mathematical principles, it becomes impossible to build a secure satisfying, stable and balanced life.
·       Math is to our lives what seed, soil and machinery are to the farmer. Our very sustenance and the maintenance of our health, domiciles and well-being.
·       None of the myriads of benefits of civilization could be without math; our present afflictions, decay, problems and chaos are indirectly and directly cause by a lack of or misuse of mathematical principles. Hence, math, correctly used is the tool by which we can build orderly and stable lives.
·       To use math properly we must train ourselves:
a.   To become conscious
b.   To perceive coolly and unemotionally
c.    To record precisely & from adequate measurements
d.   To properly synthesize the needed elements into a functional & congruent whole relevant to our original purpose.
e.   To keep all hasty, impulsive emotions, thoughts & actions to a minimum or to eliminate.

·       Algebra is from the Arabic Al-Jbr. The bringing together of disunited parts.
·       Geometry is the study, measurement & classification of forms and shapes.
·       The entire manifest universe is made up of mass, motion & electrical charge. To order, direct, store, structure and create any object or materialize any plan necessitates the accurate use of forces, functions and forms. This can only be done thru math.
·       The setting up of structures, functions, orders into the necessary relationships to materialize any goal or object you may want is entir4ely dependent on math. On how you measure all the related forces.
·       Since the physical universe consists mostly of space-time & energy-matter in infinite combinations & proportions this S.T.E.M. universe is a measure thing. Thru measure it was created; thru measure it can be maintained, thru wrong measure it can be destroyed.
·       From and Ancient Upanishad “There where the measure, the measurer & and the measured meet, there is Reality (GOD).
·       In simpler language, reality forms at the point of intersection of the Triad: MEASURER-MEASURE-MEASURED. All of them mathematical functions.
·       Learning to measure, then, the input & output of the physical, emotional & mental forces in your life is the start of leading a sane healthy life.