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The purpose of life is to become more aware, more conscious.

Aware and conscious of what?

Aware and conscious of the different unfolding realities all around you.

Aware and conscious of the infinite number of relationships that you are part of.

Aware and conscious of the different realities within you.

Aware and conscious of the different realities outside of you.


Everything and everyone is part of this plan.

Everything and everyone is built with an inner blueprint that tells of its part in the plan.

An acorn has an inner blueprint that shows how to evove into an oak tree.

A caterpillar has an inner blueprint that shows it how to evolve into a butterfly.

Humans have an inner blueprint that shows them how to evolve into a higher form of being.

On this earth we all will follow our blueprints because it is the Creator's plan.

Some will do it willingly (about 5% of humanity).

Many will have to be dragged along by the hair kicking and screaming.

But follow the blueprint we will!

The universe has a plan. Maybe that plan is to become one with the non-manifest quality of God.

The galaxies have a plan. maybe that is to eventually become universes.

The solar systems have a plan. maybe to become galaxies.

The planets have a plan. maybe to become suns.

The moon has a plan. Maybe to become a planet.

The universe is alive and creating all of the time.


Maybe his plan is to become like the sun and bypass the planets?

To become more conscious is how man will fulfill his plan.

To become more conscious means to be able to feel and understand, at any given moment, say this moment that you are reading this paper, all of your relationships.

To be aware of the relationships with your small self to your larger self.

To be aware of your relationships with your physical body.

To be aware of your relationships with your family.

How your thoughts, actions and feelings, as well as their thoughts, actions and feelings are affecting each other.

To be aware at this vey second that you are an integral part of an infinite number of concentric cirlcles of relationships.

Some good and beneficial that you would wnat to go with.

Some evil and harmful and dis-ease bringing that you will want to avoid and dis-connect from.

You are interacting with your family, which is within the concentric cirlce called humanity; which is upon the earth; which is being affected by all the energies being pourred onto it from the sun during the day and the moon at night; which are affected by the converging energies of all the other planets; singly and collectively.

To be aware that while you are reading ths paper the Earth that you are on is rotating and at the same time circling the sun; which is circling through a new section of the galaxy called Aquarius.

We have never been here before.

Nothing is ever been the same space for two seconds at a time.

Combine all of this movement with the fact that there are billions of other people whose thoughts are affecting you. The moon, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe just as your thoughts, feelings and actions are affcting them.

Becoming conscious is a trip of a million levels.

How many of the aforementioned ideas are you, as you sit there reading this paper, aware of????

How many of the aforementioned things do you care about???

This and this alone tells you where your level of consciousness is!!!

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