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Used properly. thought is like a key that opens. The Greek conception of true thinking, as outlined by Socrates, states that the art of thought hinges on conscious and rational definition, and function as a process of inquiry.

Process thinking and its use in daily living is the gift of the true sciences to modern man.

The three basic needs and drives at the start of man's living and function are:

(a) Health - Wholeness - Completion.

(b) Wealth - Work and money.

(c) Personal relations.

They all intertwine and interweave so, that, though we may separate or analyze them in theory, we can not do so in real life. Then, after this comes, for the few, the search for meaning, purpose and significance in life.

The dictum accepted by all high initiates is that they shall never offer any human mind the proof of a reality beyond its comprehension in terms of its own immediate experience.

Man must not only see everything through his own eyes, but will always be unable to accept what he cannot so examine.

In a certain sense, besides the four dimensions of space, time, matter and energy we have four others; no-space, no-time, no-matter, no-energy.


There is you as others think you are. Which is a lie, since they can only project their own thoughts, feelings and images on you.

Then there is you, as you think you are. This is also a lie, since you were so conditioned from birth by family, friends, school, relatives, radio, TV, newspapers, books etc, that you cannot truly see you.

Then there is you as you really are. This is the name of the game.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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A word is an image packaged in the past. Unless you are really trained, every time you hear or see words, you tend to go back into the past.

Also when you speak, there is a strong tendency to lose contact, awareness of the here now and get lost in past memories, images, pictures evoked by the words used. This can lead to dangerous consequences.

Subconscious Society

Being born into a subconscious society and living amongst subconscious family members, relatives, associations and schools etc.; the vast majority of people are subconscious.

That is, they live, think and function from memory, images, pictures of the past.

They are usually not aware of the here now. This then explains the chaos nearly everywhere in every field of human relations.

Time Is An Illusion

Time is an illusion. Any student of Occult Philosophy must grow to understand before all else that everything in life is relative.

Even truth itself is a matter of perspective and becomes pseudo-truth or perhaps broad error when the point of view is from bias.

Truth itself is too abstract and subjective to be stated in any form of words. We can only approximate.


An act that is merely a reaction is compromise. For spiritual existence depends on a continuance of self-intended, self-initiated acts.

Readjustment, unlike compromise, keeps the initiative within the self, and so relieves one of a sense of helplessness in the face of outer compulsion.

The Aspirant

The aspirant uses both phases of the constantly alternating rhythm of self-projection into their world, and the return of self to universal oneness for self-gathering.

Occultism is an attitude of mind that facilitates the varying of every day concerns up and beyond their present limits for clarification in higher reference.

The initiate initiates. He is the creator of his own destiny, constantly molding and shaping rather than suffering his outer experiences.

Given awareness, knowledge and training, you can choose the way any person, place, event or circumstance can effect you.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom techings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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You can also visit his informative blogs on runes, quantum physics, magic, spirituality, alternate healing methods.

Friday, October 26, 2007



Wisdom and understanding are the right and left hands of God that have to be found, built, perceived and finally used intelligently in our every-day lives.

By wisdom, we mean divine energy and by understanding we mean the structure of knowledge. These two gems from the Natural Order of God must be used daily, for a happy, healthy, sane and prosperous life.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until we close them to sleep at night we are constantly dealing with 2 things: structure and relations.

Unconsciousness of the structure of things and forces in the outer world, and our relation with them in the inner can destroy and frustrate all attempts at a good life.

The vast majority of people (perhaps well over 95%) are enmeshed and chained by and in the blind urges for experience.

This leads them to a constant and ever growing hunger for sensation, feeling and doing. All unaware of why and what they are doing and its mathematical result in their lives. This is really insanity (unmeasured).

In a world built of the Immutable Order of God where day and night follow each other in an inevitable mathematical order, there can be no such thing as "luck". Bad luck really means bad look. Since attention is life or death, a bad look always means bad 'luck'.

Ideally, philosophy is never an expression of belief or faith, but rather always a tool to be used as a guide or measurement in life, commonly and everywhere.

We define philosophy as the love of wisdom, the need to understand and get an overview of how parts relate to each other and to life in general, and their evaluation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



This persecution by resonant energies is possible only because it consists of a subjective domination by a pattern set up within the individual. A subconscious situation in which the individual has gradually built up a negative controlling factor.

Types of energy exchange do exist that can have constructive value, but for the most part, the individuals energy field is up to himself to take care of. Keep unwanted energies out of your aura.

It is up to him to protect it in Evey possible way, realizing that it is his protection against physical problems. It is also his protection against invasion of the mass-mind, which is so important today.

We have today, a highly disturbed world. A world of people whose thoughts are of varying degrees of intensity. But who, in their desperation and struggle have built up tremendous intensification's of their psychic energies. Most of this psychic energy is negative.

This desperation is not true strength. It is a kind of strange toxic pressure. In this world where maybe 2 or 3 billion people are greatly disturbed at one time, this is dangerous. The securities and values of life being undermined more rapidly than we are able to build defenses within ourselves. Sometimes the individual is very close to drowning in this negative energy.

Whatever the creeping negation around him; whatever the external pressure from the outer environment; it will always come finally to the same end. The only answer is the integration of the self.

By integration of self we mean understanding that you are one with the universe. You are not a physical body but an energy being consisting of several bodies. A physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual.

If we want to stay as well as possible, we have to preserve the vibrational integrity of our lives. We must do this in the same way perhaps, that we keep a good T.V. set in order.

Just as we turn off an obnoxious commercial on the T.V. so we must acquire the ability to turn off negative moods, events and situations.

We must control our own energy fields. Learn dissemination as to which people, places and events you allow into your life.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Every psychological mood is itself a rate of vibration. Every psychological image including a dream image, is also a vibratory 'entity'. Every vibratory 'entity' comes into existence around a core of conditioned energy.

Every living thing both physical and not physical is a vibration. And each of these vibrations is 'alive' in its own sense.

The moment we become afraid of anything our vibratory energy is reduced because we become afraid. Then our defenses begin to crumble.

Fear causes that which we fear to come upon us. Like attracts like according to the laws of attraction. Do you realize that just talking about cancer, even if you think it is positive like "..we must eradicate cancer..." attracts cancer? The world must stop talking about cancer altogether and it will go away like a mad dog.

This is one of the secrets of quantum physics. There is no such thing as "no" in the quantum ocean. When you say "no cancer" you attract cancer out of the quantum ocean.

The most common way we can get into trouble is to allow ourselves to become afraid. This usually happens through ignorance and unawareness of energy function and our present level of energy.

In psychic problems, there is always a fear factor due to the unknown. It is not occured to use that the unknown is actually one name for God. We always tend to associate it with mystery or terror.

Actually, we are living in a Universe of Immutable Laws, whether we know them or not.

We may not see it, but the unknown is just as lawful as the known. But, we have to believe this, and somebody has to shatter our belief in order to hurt us.

If one is no longer able to have faith in those values which are real, he opens himself up to the influence of the unreal (darkness, fear, doubt, misery, ignorance).

When a person becomes afraid of anything, an image of terror rises before him. Immediately he begins to abdicate his leadership over his own life.

Once a person becomes fearful, soon imagination steps in and endows this evil condition (or sorcerer) with every power conceivable, until the victim actually bewitches himself.

He creates an image of his adversary, endows this adversary with every attribute of Svengali and Dracula and proceeds to be frightened out of his wits.

He then resonantes (tunes) to the fear vibrations around him, both on the inner and the outer planes. He has himself opened the doors to evil (wrong tuning).

Monday, October 22, 2007



Life is change. Not change of principle but an unfoldment out of the hard and fast thought forms that have held us in bondage.

"Labels are for pickle jars not for human beings."

Often labels stem from ignorance and to categorize existence by labeling is to limit something to our own restricted perspective.

When you label, something, the picture of the label, comes between you and the thing you label. So you really cannot see it.

Again and again, remind yourself to LOOK! don't think. OBSERVE. Don't raise a memory form the past which is not at all connected with the NOW!


Self control, in most instances, seems to be the power to regulate and organize your magnetic field in a proper manner.

Vibration protects, not only by an aggressive out motion of itself, but also by qualitative integration. The individual in whose nature it is almost impossible to set a negative factor into operation, will not e subject to very many of the ills on life.

The individual in difficulties has nearly ALWAYS betrayed himself. He has created within himself some area of weakness by which he opened a door to negative conditions around him.

An individuals gullibility causes him to accept that which was not reasonable nor true.

In almost every instance where the person is in trouble he has in some way opened himself to that trouble by some action of his own. He has lost control of his own energy field.

He has allowed it to be breached, like the wall of a fortress. And, having once opened a gate or allowed his wall to be breached, he is in danger of a complete and total invasion.

Constant vigilance is the price for sanity and health.

Saturday, October 20, 2007



There is a blueprint for each person's life, but within that blueprint there are many possible variations, fluctuations and ramifications; many areas in which to operate.

Every one's blueprint for life is to expand consciousness, to grow, to become more aware of who and what they really are. To live in accordance with it. But the way you grow is up to the individual.

Life is a constant stream of choices. It is a choice from the very beginning.


As you expand your consciousness, you make better choices. It is all a mathematical process. Use discrimination, wisdom and selectivity with balanced living to structure a whole (holy) life.


Everything is in degrees. If a person steps off a ten inch step, he is not harmed. But if he steps off a step that is a thousand times ten inches, he is killed.

Work with the laws of the universe and you will have everything. Work against them and you will have nothing, because you will cut off from the flow.


We are surrounded in lights. We are surrounded in love. We are enfolded in the peace profound. Where we are, God is there also.

There where the measure's, the measure and the measured meet, there is reality.


The constant pattern of life and living change. There is no way that things have to be. No one is dictating your life. You are dictating it yourself. You are the author. You are the Captain of your ship.

You can go as fast as you like. You can go as slow as you like. You can steer in circles if you like.

It's your world. You have the power of choice.

However, if you choose from habit, precedent, tradition or the past unconsciously, you create a poison which will bind you totally.

If however, you choose consciously according to the Natural Order Laws of Cosmos, then you create a heaven (a balanced life).

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Monday, September 17, 2007



The purpose of life is to become more aware, more conscious.

Aware and conscious of what?

Aware and conscious of the different unfolding realities all around you.

Aware and conscious of the infinite number of relationships that you are part of.

Aware and conscious of the different realities within you.

Aware and conscious of the different realities outside of you.


Everything and everyone is part of this plan.

Everything and everyone is built with an inner blueprint that tells of its part in the plan.

An acorn has an inner blueprint that shows how to evove into an oak tree.

A caterpillar has an inner blueprint that shows it how to evolve into a butterfly.

Humans have an inner blueprint that shows them how to evolve into a higher form of being.

On this earth we all will follow our blueprints because it is the Creator's plan.

Some will do it willingly (about 5% of humanity).

Many will have to be dragged along by the hair kicking and screaming.

But follow the blueprint we will!

The universe has a plan. Maybe that plan is to become one with the non-manifest quality of God.

The galaxies have a plan. maybe that is to eventually become universes.

The solar systems have a plan. maybe to become galaxies.

The planets have a plan. maybe to become suns.

The moon has a plan. Maybe to become a planet.

The universe is alive and creating all of the time.


Maybe his plan is to become like the sun and bypass the planets?

To become more conscious is how man will fulfill his plan.

To become more conscious means to be able to feel and understand, at any given moment, say this moment that you are reading this paper, all of your relationships.

To be aware of the relationships with your small self to your larger self.

To be aware of your relationships with your physical body.

To be aware of your relationships with your family.

How your thoughts, actions and feelings, as well as their thoughts, actions and feelings are affecting each other.

To be aware at this vey second that you are an integral part of an infinite number of concentric cirlcles of relationships.

Some good and beneficial that you would wnat to go with.

Some evil and harmful and dis-ease bringing that you will want to avoid and dis-connect from.

You are interacting with your family, which is within the concentric cirlce called humanity; which is upon the earth; which is being affected by all the energies being pourred onto it from the sun during the day and the moon at night; which are affected by the converging energies of all the other planets; singly and collectively.

To be aware that while you are reading ths paper the Earth that you are on is rotating and at the same time circling the sun; which is circling through a new section of the galaxy called Aquarius.

We have never been here before.

Nothing is ever been the same space for two seconds at a time.

Combine all of this movement with the fact that there are billions of other people whose thoughts are affecting you. The moon, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe just as your thoughts, feelings and actions are affcting them.

Becoming conscious is a trip of a million levels.

How many of the aforementioned ideas are you, as you sit there reading this paper, aware of????

How many of the aforementioned things do you care about???

This and this alone tells you where your level of consciousness is!!!

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