Wednesday, October 24, 2007



This persecution by resonant energies is possible only because it consists of a subjective domination by a pattern set up within the individual. A subconscious situation in which the individual has gradually built up a negative controlling factor.

Types of energy exchange do exist that can have constructive value, but for the most part, the individuals energy field is up to himself to take care of. Keep unwanted energies out of your aura.

It is up to him to protect it in Evey possible way, realizing that it is his protection against physical problems. It is also his protection against invasion of the mass-mind, which is so important today.

We have today, a highly disturbed world. A world of people whose thoughts are of varying degrees of intensity. But who, in their desperation and struggle have built up tremendous intensification's of their psychic energies. Most of this psychic energy is negative.

This desperation is not true strength. It is a kind of strange toxic pressure. In this world where maybe 2 or 3 billion people are greatly disturbed at one time, this is dangerous. The securities and values of life being undermined more rapidly than we are able to build defenses within ourselves. Sometimes the individual is very close to drowning in this negative energy.

Whatever the creeping negation around him; whatever the external pressure from the outer environment; it will always come finally to the same end. The only answer is the integration of the self.

By integration of self we mean understanding that you are one with the universe. You are not a physical body but an energy being consisting of several bodies. A physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual.

If we want to stay as well as possible, we have to preserve the vibrational integrity of our lives. We must do this in the same way perhaps, that we keep a good T.V. set in order.

Just as we turn off an obnoxious commercial on the T.V. so we must acquire the ability to turn off negative moods, events and situations.

We must control our own energy fields. Learn dissemination as to which people, places and events you allow into your life.

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