Monday, October 22, 2007



Life is change. Not change of principle but an unfoldment out of the hard and fast thought forms that have held us in bondage.

"Labels are for pickle jars not for human beings."

Often labels stem from ignorance and to categorize existence by labeling is to limit something to our own restricted perspective.

When you label, something, the picture of the label, comes between you and the thing you label. So you really cannot see it.

Again and again, remind yourself to LOOK! don't think. OBSERVE. Don't raise a memory form the past which is not at all connected with the NOW!


Self control, in most instances, seems to be the power to regulate and organize your magnetic field in a proper manner.

Vibration protects, not only by an aggressive out motion of itself, but also by qualitative integration. The individual in whose nature it is almost impossible to set a negative factor into operation, will not e subject to very many of the ills on life.

The individual in difficulties has nearly ALWAYS betrayed himself. He has created within himself some area of weakness by which he opened a door to negative conditions around him.

An individuals gullibility causes him to accept that which was not reasonable nor true.

In almost every instance where the person is in trouble he has in some way opened himself to that trouble by some action of his own. He has lost control of his own energy field.

He has allowed it to be breached, like the wall of a fortress. And, having once opened a gate or allowed his wall to be breached, he is in danger of a complete and total invasion.

Constant vigilance is the price for sanity and health.

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