Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Every psychological mood is itself a rate of vibration. Every psychological image including a dream image, is also a vibratory 'entity'. Every vibratory 'entity' comes into existence around a core of conditioned energy.

Every living thing both physical and not physical is a vibration. And each of these vibrations is 'alive' in its own sense.

The moment we become afraid of anything our vibratory energy is reduced because we become afraid. Then our defenses begin to crumble.

Fear causes that which we fear to come upon us. Like attracts like according to the laws of attraction. Do you realize that just talking about cancer, even if you think it is positive like "..we must eradicate cancer..." attracts cancer? The world must stop talking about cancer altogether and it will go away like a mad dog.

This is one of the secrets of quantum physics. There is no such thing as "no" in the quantum ocean. When you say "no cancer" you attract cancer out of the quantum ocean.

The most common way we can get into trouble is to allow ourselves to become afraid. This usually happens through ignorance and unawareness of energy function and our present level of energy.

In psychic problems, there is always a fear factor due to the unknown. It is not occured to use that the unknown is actually one name for God. We always tend to associate it with mystery or terror.

Actually, we are living in a Universe of Immutable Laws, whether we know them or not.

We may not see it, but the unknown is just as lawful as the known. But, we have to believe this, and somebody has to shatter our belief in order to hurt us.

If one is no longer able to have faith in those values which are real, he opens himself up to the influence of the unreal (darkness, fear, doubt, misery, ignorance).

When a person becomes afraid of anything, an image of terror rises before him. Immediately he begins to abdicate his leadership over his own life.

Once a person becomes fearful, soon imagination steps in and endows this evil condition (or sorcerer) with every power conceivable, until the victim actually bewitches himself.

He creates an image of his adversary, endows this adversary with every attribute of Svengali and Dracula and proceeds to be frightened out of his wits.

He then resonantes (tunes) to the fear vibrations around him, both on the inner and the outer planes. He has himself opened the doors to evil (wrong tuning).

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