Friday, October 26, 2007



Wisdom and understanding are the right and left hands of God that have to be found, built, perceived and finally used intelligently in our every-day lives.

By wisdom, we mean divine energy and by understanding we mean the structure of knowledge. These two gems from the Natural Order of God must be used daily, for a happy, healthy, sane and prosperous life.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until we close them to sleep at night we are constantly dealing with 2 things: structure and relations.

Unconsciousness of the structure of things and forces in the outer world, and our relation with them in the inner can destroy and frustrate all attempts at a good life.

The vast majority of people (perhaps well over 95%) are enmeshed and chained by and in the blind urges for experience.

This leads them to a constant and ever growing hunger for sensation, feeling and doing. All unaware of why and what they are doing and its mathematical result in their lives. This is really insanity (unmeasured).

In a world built of the Immutable Order of God where day and night follow each other in an inevitable mathematical order, there can be no such thing as "luck". Bad luck really means bad look. Since attention is life or death, a bad look always means bad 'luck'.

Ideally, philosophy is never an expression of belief or faith, but rather always a tool to be used as a guide or measurement in life, commonly and everywhere.

We define philosophy as the love of wisdom, the need to understand and get an overview of how parts relate to each other and to life in general, and their evaluation.

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