Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On The Spiritual path Neutral Reticence

Neutral Reticence

Man's true purpose on the planet is to evolve, to raise his/her level of consciousness to become more godlike.

At one time in the far past we all separated from the Mind of God and appeared in physical reality as individual souls.

Now we must find our way back. We devolved from the one (Mind of God) to the many (massive humanity.) Now we must individually evolve back from the Many to the One.

Come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the deads.”

Everything is evolving and changing. The Moon will become a planet. Our planet will become a Sun. Our Sun will become a Solar System. Our Solar System will become a Universe. Our Universe will become the Mind of God.

And we are not left without help in our evolving struggle. We go through ages and each age we are presented with a new Paradigm. A new set of rules to work with.

For the Age of Aquarius, the Paradigm is the Laws of Quantum Physics. Simply stated these laws tell us that all is energy and thoughts are things. Words are spoken thoughts.

Since our primary purpose is to raise our level of consciousness, we must conserve our energy, our life force on a daily basis. We need this life force to raise our level of consciousness.

The biggest road block to spirituality and higher levels of consciousness for mankind is words. Too many unconscious words will spill our energy out into useless and dangerous paths.

The Path we want is higher consciousness. Let's practice, 'Neutral Reticence' with these seven steps.

1.De-Identify from words. Words are energies that connect us to

our past. Shut off the flow of unconscious words.

2.Don't argue over anything. Anger wastes energy and attracts negative heated energies into your Aura.

3.Don't try to prove anything to anybody. It wastes energy and causes fights. Besides what makes you think you know anything any way?

4.Don't try to ram any truth down somebodies throat, even if it is so. Everyone has the right to go to Hell in their own way.

5.Don't talk just be polite and make conversation. It is a terrible waste of energy.

6.Don't become too specialized in your speech and ideas, hammering at one or two things continuously.

7.Don't let anyone else's speech, enthusiasm, depression or mood trigger off your speech. Compulsive action or thought. Remain in 'Neutral Reticence.'

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