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How I Met My Spiritual Master/Teacher in Brooklyn HOW I MET MY SPIRITUAL MASTER/TEACHER IN BROOKLYN Thirty five years ago I lived in Brooklyn, Ne


Thirty five years ago I lived in Brooklyn, New York with my wife and daughter. I had a part time job in the evenings selling LaSalle Home Study Courses to help pay the mortgage on the $40,000 home I just bought.

Once a week I would go downtown to Borough Hall, to the Brooklyn home office, and pick up my sale leads for the week. The Brooklyn sales manger gave us the little mail in forms that were mailed into the home office and requested the difference course.

People filled out the forms on the inside of match book covers, or magazines or wherever LaSalle advertised. LaSalle sold home study courses in drafting, writing, interior decorating, etc.

That night I received a lead that changed my whole life! It was a lead from a Joe P. who lived in Seagate, Brooklyn.

He wanted more information on the writing course. It was my job to go to his home and sell him the course. I called made an appointment with him and drove to the end of Coney Island to the gated community called Sea Gate. I had to tell the guard who it was I wished to see and why. He called Joe and let me in.

When I got to Joe’s basement apartment he let me in. He went to the kitchen to make coffee and I sat down on the couch. His little apartment was filled with books, all over the place. The walls had astrological posters and other metaphysical posters. The room had a very powerful vibration to it and I felt comfortable.

Then my eye caught some books on the edge of the couch. They were astrology books and I picked one up. The author was Joe P.

I said “did you write these books?”

He sheepishly said “yes.”

I jumped up and shouted “you jerk. Why are you writing in for LaSalle writing course when you are already an established writer. He could see the flames in my eyes. He backed into the kitchen.

“I worked all day, and I am tired and have not had supper yet. And you dragged me all the way out to the ends of the world (Seagate is on the tip of Brooklyn). Why?

He told me to take it easy and he would explain. He gave me a cup of coffee sat down and said, “It wasn’t my idea. My teacher I.F. gave me the LaSalle order form and told me to sign it and mail it in. He wanted to meet you and he knew that this would bring you here.”

The word teacher got my attention. I had been reading and studying metaphysics and occultism for years on my own. The words master and teacher held great significance for me.

He said I.F. was waiting for me and asked me if I would like to meet him. I nodded and followed him out of the apartment. We walked 3 blocks and Joe pointed to a two family brick house.

“I.F. lives upstairs. Go ring the bell. He is waiting for you” Then he turned and walked away.

I rang the bell and someone said come in. When I opened the outside door there was a flight of stairs leading up. At the top of the stairs, looking down at me was a little old man. He looked to me like Yoda from star wars. I can’t explain it any other way. He beckoned for me to come up and I did.

He waddled to the living room and I followed. He sat in his duct tape held together recliner and I sat on the couch. The room was simple. A folding table in the middle with two straight back chairs facing each other. His recliner, a couch, a piano and thousands of books. They were in jammed into book cases and stacked on floor.

We sat looking at each other and every now and then he would squint his eyes and I am sure that he was looking into me and not at me.

Finally he nodded his head and spoke. He was very direct and to the point. No chit chat or explanations. He said, “I knew you were out there. I could feel you and knew you were ready so I sent for you.

“I wanted to impress you this one time with some little magic because I wanted to peak your curiosity and make you come. So I gave Joe the LaSalle flyer and told him to fill it out and mail it to Indiana.

“Then I directed it from the home office in Indiana to New York to Brooklyn. I then made sure that out of the dozens of Brooklyn sales people that it found its way into your hands.”

We sat in silence while this sunk in.

“I know that you have been studying for years on your own. Would you like to study with me?”

The peace in the room and the power emitted from this little Yoda made up my mind. I said yes.

“BE sure” he said. “For when you start on this spiritual journey with me I will tell you things, show you things and teach you things that will change your life forever.

“One more thing. It will not be easy nor will it be like anything you have ever read in your books. It may be quite difficult and painful to you. It depends upon what has to be transformed within you. Are you still sure?”


“One more time, making it three, to magically seal the bargain. Are you sure?”


“Good,” he said and stood up. “Be here Monday morning at 8 AM sharp and bring the fattest notebook you can find.”

But I work I tried to explain.

“If you want to study with me be here Monday morning.”

As I walked down the stair my mind filled with doubt. He asks too much.

He leaned over the balcony and said, “Oh by the way bring $50.00 in cash. That is what I charge for my lessons.”

I slammed the door and thought to myself that this ole bugger was a con man and was after my money. He has seen the last of me.

Needless to say I showed up that Monday and every Monday after that for 17 years. He did change my life.

When the student is ready the master appears.

P.S. I never had to pay him $50.00. It was all a test.

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