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How I Meet My Spiritual Master In Brooklyn Chapter 3 "I.F. the Man"




I write these chapters, which will eventually become a book, not to expound on anything special about myself.

The only thing, I think is special is what I.F. said to me after 17 years of study. He said, “Ellis I am proud of you.”

I said, “Yes?”

He said, “you have finally raised your level of consciousness 1%”

I was shocked and said “Only 1%? That’s all?”

He said, “That’s all? In this time of Kali Yuga where darkness is allowed to run rampant upon the earth it is a tremendous feat. Not only did you have to overcome much of the darkness inside of youself, you also had to overcome the downward drag of humanity.”

That made me feel better. I now know that this 1% gives me a wider and deeper understanding of life all around me.

Then I asked him, “Why did you choose me as one of your students? I have no special spiritual skills.

He said, “In these dark times, the changing between two great ages,, Pisces and Aquarius, there really is not much human material to choose from. You were better than most and you were close.

It reminded me of the movie Zulu when the 1000 British soldiers were surrounded by 4000 Zulu warriors. The young private, shaking in his boots as he looked out at all the sharp spears asked the old grizzled sergeant. “Why us?”

The sergeant calmly answered “Because we are here!”

So I was there when he went looking.

Now 35 years later I can see for myself the darkness of kali Yuga all around me. The amount of serious spiritual students gets less and less each year. By serious student I mean one who is willing to change themselves from within.

Kali Yuga is truly here and hiding your head in the sand and denying it does not change the facts

He told me that the whole Truth (with a capital T) and the way to the Light can never been known or taught by one person or group. It is too complex. The complete story of who man is, where he came from and where he is going is simple but very mysterious.

Not even a Jesus, or a Buddha, Sri Aurbindo, Madame Blavatsky, Steiner or any other great spiritual teacher knows the whole truth about god, man and reality. Each is only given a piece of the puzzle and the piece they are given to them they abstract out of the ALL by the level of their own consciousness.

Paul said, “I see through glasses darkly.” We all do!

I.F. had a piece of the puzzle and he called it “Organics.” He started the “Society for the Study of the Natural Order” in Brooklyn. And “Organics’” was again only his abstraction of the ALL.

I believe that he choose me because he didn’t want his work to be lost in the encroaching darkness. There were three others in his inner circle of students but I don’t know where they went or what they are doing.

Therefore I am writing this book to help keep his piece of the puzzle and his work alive. It is part of my dharma.

He never spoke much about himself and his younger years. But he did say that in his past incarnation he was an Abbott in a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet. This explained his love of Buddhism and his vast knowledge of Eastern Philosophy.

He had reached that level of consciousness where he was given the gift of choosing where and when he wanted to reincarnate. He choose Brooklyn. Don’t believe all that nonsense published in the modern day metaphysical books by the word merchants. Not every soul has the right to choose their next incarnation. They must earn this right.

I.F. often said that the modern day metaphysical bookstores are a real danger to mankind. Not everyone should be allowed to practice magic, read Tarot cards or know inner secrets.

The Earth is a school house and each soul must strive to earn the right to the higher teachings. I know that this will make all the politically correct ones scream. Scream away! The truth is the truth and your screaming cannot change it.

Life is an apprenticeship to the Higher Worlds. Very similar to the apprenticeships of the crafts. A young man who wants to become a blacksmith must work the bellows for many years before the Master puts a hammer in his hands.

This politically correct spiritless society we now live in is wrong, wrong, wrong!

The true reality of the Universe is an infinite hierarchy leading upward in an ascending spiral. Each step on the ladder upward must be earned by WORK on oneself.

Everyone is not equal. We are all potentially equal. The ladder to equally is open to all. But must be climbed individually. You cannot give it away for a vote or for a dollar.

I want you to understand that I have nothing to sell you or to teach you. I, at this point in my life, am only a scribe, a messenger for a Higher One who went on before.

Thank you,

Your Friend


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